The PLOT...

The multiple meanings of the word “plot” itself are at the heart of our design philosophy. These meanings are always in play, always aimed at producing meaningful landscapes and always critically responsive and contextually specific to place and circumstance. 

1. PLOT as crafting a piece of ground 

2. PLOT as the graphic representation of the ground or landscape 

3. PLOT as the narrative; revealing the story of the place through landscape 

4. PLOT as an agenda; an invention of new ecologies 



PLOT combines fresh vision and ideas with seasoned expertise and innovative technologies to produce landscapes of the highest quality. 

PLOT believes the most successful landscape projects begin with a collaborative approach. The first level of collaboration is the relationship between designer and client. 

PLOT provides solutions that are simple, achievable, and flexible; ecologically and culturally responsible works of lasting distinction.



Tony Mazzeo, RLA

Tony Mazzeo, RLA

Kent Freed, RLA, AIA

Kent Freed, RLA, AIA

Anthony Mazzeo, RLA is Principal and founder of PLOT. He brings over 26 years of design experience on a wide range of landscape and planning project types. His work focuses on how the creative combination of landscape architecture and architecture might create new relationships between city and nature. Tonys expertise lies in providing design solutions that are ecologically and culturally responsive while being cost-effective and economically responsible. 

Tony was educated at Rutgers University, (Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, 1984) and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts (Masters of Landscape Architecture, 1993). Prior to starting PLOT in the fall of 2013, Tony was a Principal, and Co-founder of GROUNDWORKS Design, a Denver based, multi-disciplinary design firm focused on the connection between architecture and landscape. Previously Tony was an associate and lead designer at RNL in Denver, a project designer at Civitas in Denver, an intern at both Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in Cambridge, and Andropogon Associates in Philadelphia. Tony is also Senior Instructor in the graduate Landscape Architecture program at at the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado - Denver.


Kent Freed, RLA is Principal with PLOT. He brings over 32 years of experience as an architect and a landscape architect. Fundamentally, Kent is an environmental advocate who sees the natural and built environments as a complex, but integrated whole. The focus of Kent’s education and career has been to observe, interpret, design, and construct contemporary, holistic spaces and places where people, land, and buildings meet.

Kent was educated at The University of Kansas, (Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Environmental Design, 1982) and The Conway School, (Master of Arts in Landscape Design, 1991). He holds dual licensure in architecture and landscape architecture. Kent began his career working as an Intern Architect at Tricia Wilson & Associates and at Good Haas & Fulton, both in Dallas, Texas. He moved to Kansas City, Missouri and worked for HNTB Architects as a Project Architect until 1990 when he left to attend The Conway School. Upon graduating, Kent then moved to Lakewood, Colorado and worked for Abo Architects, JH/P, RNL Design, and H+L Architecture, all in Denver. He successfully created and built two landscape and planning practices within the latter two established firms over the last 20 years. He is currently serving on the United States Green Building Council Board of Directors, Colorado Chapter.


Tony and Kent out back of PLOT's office in RiNo (Denver's River North area)

Tony and Kent out back of PLOT's office in RiNo (Denver's River North area)