RiNo (River North) Art Bridge and River Promenade

Denver, Colorado

Ongoing Design Development

The RiNo Art Bridge and River promenade is an ongoing effort in conjunction with Zeppelin Places, Bridges to Prosperity, and the City of Denver. The project is a “what-if” design proposal to help strengthen and connect the River North Arts District with the development occurring across the river. 

A New Ringsby Court 
Part of our design proposal includes decommissioning a section of Ringsby Court, a two lane industrial river road separating the Taxi campus from the Platte River, then re-imagining it as new river landscape without entirely erasing its industrial memory.

Our design focus is to make more of the already present, a common theme to several of our projects on the Taxi campus. Our river walk proposal suggests artfully slicing open strips of the old river road, leaving remnant strips of asphalt in place for paths, promenades, and gathering spaces. The openings will be recharged with amended soils, native seed, and cottonwood trees, resulting in a compelling riverscape for both people and natural processes. 

Crossing and Connecting 
The ongoing discussion includes plans to provide a pedestrian bridge/crossing connecting Taxi’s central gathering space, FR8scape, with the RINO neighborhoods and businesses across the river. The crossing is being designed to connect with the existing Platte River bike path, connect residents with the river, and strengthen the overall walkability and connections throughout the neighborhood.