Liberty Media

Englewood, Colorado

Current Status: Construction Documents

ELSY Studio asked PLOT to join their team for the Liberty Media corporate headquarters makeover.  This cable, internet and media company’s grand HQ building and grounds on the Meridian Office Park south of Denver sought to reshape its interior for a younger, less formal generation of workers. ELSY is reimagining many of the dark wood paneled, coved ceiling private offices into bright, open and collaborative modern office environments with amenities like a yoga studio and entertainment floor.  PLOT is partnering with ELSY to design an expansive outdoor patio/ promenade that opens out from this new entertainment space.  PLOT is also leading the design of an interior live “green wall” and a glass water wall for the yoga studio.

The landscape where the new patio is intended, is currently bluegrass with a formal oval planting bed – a foreground for the building’s east façade.  Our aim is replace this “set piece” with comfortable indoor-outdoor opportunities that afford staff a variety of ways to relax, recreate, and meet outside the walls of the office building.
Instead of taking our cues from the classical, symmetrical granite building, we looked to the collective life style of people of Liberty Media. How does this landscape need to work to serve their tastes and outlook?  Likewise, how can we craft an ecologically appropriate landscape (less water-intensive) that best reflects the cultural values of these users?
We proposed a linear, undulating promenade that facilitates flows of activity while offering places for pause and group assembly. The promenade will wind and bend, then split in two to allow a prairie wild garden space to grow and change over time.  Planted in among the prairie grasses will be a series of lighted polycarbonate rods, glowing reeds of grass that will animate nighttime use of the space. A wood bleacher will accommodate occasional larger gatherings and moveable tables and chairs, both dining and bar height, will proved flexibility for the users.  The completed entertainment space and patio are seen as key recruitment and retention amenities for Liberty.