DRIVE II @ TAXI campus

Denver, Colorado

Completed: August 2014

Consistent with the practice of re-use, re-purposing and working with next to nothing, The DRIVE 2 project is the latest addition to the Taxi Campus and designed as a compliment to the DRIVE 1 project that was completed in 2012. Here, the goal is to create a series of landscape experiences unique to the DRIVE II building, but also consistent and complementary to the landscape elements we developed at several other Taxi campus buildings.

Plaza and patios:
Together the two phases of the Drive project appear as a single building with an outdoor public space hinging them together. Patios sit lightly in the landscape around the building and extend the tenant office space into the landscape at unit garage door entrys. The patios are composed of large concrete fragments bound by rows of bin-blocks - again exemplifying the creative use of repurposed materials.  

The Moat:
 A moat of native grasses and cottonwoods hugs the building, creating a swale that channels stormwater to a PLD (Porous Landscape Detention) basin. The PLD envelopes the building and creates a robust wild buffer that compliments the contemporary architecture while also performing critical stormwater management duties.