CU Gateways; University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Completed: Phase 1 - 2008, Phase 2 - 2012, Phase 3 - 2014

Development of a coherent gateway strategy for the Boulder Campus of The University of Colorado posed a difficult challenge. The primary objective of establishing gateway and distinctive arrival experiences had to be be tied to both the automobile and pedestrian, in terms of scale, speed, and material. 

Our research efforts led to the development of a gateway system consisting of Campus Long Views, Campus Corners, Campus Thresholds, and Campus Edges. 

A Gateway System 
We envision this “system”, when linked together, as being able to restore coherence, legibility, and identification to the campus boundaries. This system is simple, achievable, low maintenance, and flexible. It is designed to create a truly unique and consistent experience for people both arriving and departing the campus.