The Source

Denver, Colorado

Completed: August 2013

The Source, an artisan market with restaurants, brewery and beer garden by Zeppelin Development., is located at the former Bud’s warehouse site along Brighton Boulevard in the River North area of Denver. 

Design Strategy: repurpose the existing warehouse truck yard as public space that accommodates both car and pedestrian. 
Strips of the well weathered concrete surface are removed along the site perimeter to provide access for new utility services to the building. The removed concrete is then stored on site for reuse. 

After the utilities are installed, gravel road base replaces the removed concrete as a porous parking surface. The edges of the site are lined with an array of hop poles, providing a continuous green screen wall around the perimeter of the site as well as clues to what’s happening inside the Source. Points of light are provided by solar lanterns hanging hop pole array trolley wire. A gabion wall of recycled concrete cobbles creates separation between cars and people. The gabion wall is fitted with notches (for fire wood and herb plantings) and translucent lids.