Digital Forest

Denver, Colorado

Winning Competition Entry

Digital forest is a proposal for a yet-to-be-announced project in the RiNo Arts District. The project includes a courtyard garden, streetscape, and environmental experience that exists between what is building and what isn’t. Digital forest is not your typical garden space. It is less about contemplation – more about performance, movement, and energy. 

The concept is a forest composed of local beetle kill lodge-pole pine. The poles serve as sculpture - a homage to the Colorado landscape. The poles are arranged in groves while providing texture through which environmental graphics are projected. The projectors loop a variety of virtual forest environments, wrapping the space in arboreal ambiance. The design is just as compelling during daylight hours as it is in the dark; but fitting with the nighttime orientation of restuarants, bars and hotels, the space would come alive at night. 

Here, we see the opportunity to refine, overlap, and connect to the existing landscape. Stormwater management would be built into the landscape and provide both a functional and visually stunning space. 

Every night is a visual performance.

Re-imagined: This concept was originally a winning competition entry for a new nightclub in downtown Denver but has been re-imagined and reworked for an upcoming project in the Denver’s hottest new real estate district.