Congress Park Residence

Denver, Colorado

Ongoing Design Development

The proposal for this Congress Park residence (Denver, CO) is a “kit-of-parts” aimed at RE-imagining the backyard landscape as an active zone. The “kit-of-parts” is made up of a series of proposed surfaces, both hard and porous, horizontal and vertical, which will accommodate a range of activities over time.

Hard/Porous Surface: CIP concrete pad w/ sand texture and saw cut joints 2.5 feet on-center. The ends stop short of the site perimeters and stagger between joints. They are framed with recycled “ipe” wood from the existing deck. Between the hard surface and perimeter fence (described below) are planting pockets of ornamental grasses, perennials, and small trees. The softscape accommodates storm water runoff and provides ornament, bird habitat and shade.

Perimeter Fence: a perimeter fence of horizontal recycled ipe slats on 2” round metal galvanized fence posts provide vertical surfaces for climbing plants, privacy and visual interest.

Bleacher deck (stairs): A bleacher style deck, finished with re-used ipe, provides space for seating and potted plants. A staircase is seamlessly and creatively integrated into the bleachers to provide access to the yard from the french doors. The bleacher deck also houses a built-in grill and cooking area.

Elevated Planters: Elevated planters vertically extend the paving dimensions and emphasize the materiality of the Ipe, they serve as a structural, sculptural element within the overall design. The elevated planters are optimized with growing media and irrigation to garden veggies or annual ornamentals.

Shade Sails: The project is supplemented by shade sails that span the overhead space - geometrically juxtaposing the linear elements on the ground. The shade sails are attached to cables that anchor on the house and garage, overlapping one another and landing on the southern fence. The sails are strategically placed to allow for ideal sun exposure on the raised gardens. The sails are composed of a porous canvas that resists being caught by the wind yet provide sufficient shade during the sunniest hours of the day.